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Subor provides engineering support to the customers before and after the procurement phase to ensure correct and efficient use of the technology offered with its in-house expert engineers by looking out for their maximum benefit.

Subor also examines the suitability of the projects designed by engineers for GRP Pipes.

In-house engineering offered by Subor:

  • Buried pipe design
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Stress and Flexibility Analysis of pipelines and stress isometric drawings
  • Engineering drawings
    • Piping layout and isometric drawings
    • GRP component shop drawings
    • Conceptual support and clamp drawings
    • Connection detail with different materials
  • Calculation of pipe anchoring and support requirements
  • Calculation of concrete thrust blocks
  • GRP tank, silo, manhole and spool design


A composite material is a combination of two or more materials together in order to create a unique material with superior properties of individual components.

Subor GRP Pipes and Fittings are composite materials and have all the superior properties of the technology.

GRP composites are used in more and more applications due to the high strength and low weight in combination with the corrosion resistance.


Continuous Filament Winding Technology is the computer controlled method that involves the winding of the glass fibers around a continuous rotating structure called mandrel.

The glass fibers wound around the internal and external resistance layers to ensure the pipe’s pressure resistance and rigidity, and the chopped glass fibers used on all layers to ensure axial resistance are bound by the thermoset polymerization reaction of the polyester.

The filling material (silica sand) is used on the central layer to enhance the pipe rigidity in a cost effective way.


Subor provides technical support at every stage of project implementation starting from design to the finalization. Assisting to the proper pipe installation process, our “Field Engineering” department provides supervisory services and technical support during the implementation of project.

Our aim is to ensure the installation in conformance with the procedures and technical specifications of GRP pipes. By means of those services provided by Subor Field Engineering Team, the service life of pipes is extended safely in a cost effective way.