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Subor GRP Pipes
for Industries

Specially designed and produced for use in various types of industrial applications, Subor Industrial GRP Pipes are chemical, thermal and mechanical resistant to withstand tough and extraordinary conditions in these facilities.

Project specific resins are used in the inner liner of the pipe in order to be resistant against highly corrosive environments or chemical effects in the industrial plants such as desalination, chemical, firefighting systems, etc.

Subor GRP Pipes for
Hydropower Plants

As a result of their smooth inner surface, the superior hydraulic properties of SUBOR GRP Pipes provide stability throughout their operating lifespan in hydropower plants.

Unlike traditional piping systems, apart from being able to provide the same flow from smaller pipe diameters in the long run, they also reduce the energy consumption for pumping at the pumping lines with minimum hydraulic loss and allow for an increase in energy generation at the power plants.

Thanks to the benefit of the GRP material, the light-weight of the pipes provides ease of transportation and installation, thus it offers a logical and convenient choice for hydropower plants that are generally installed on high and challenging terrains.

In addition, Subor GRP pipes contribute to sustainability by saving CO² thanks to environment friendly raw materials and transportation facilities, and also play an important role in the conversion of water into renewable energy with their use in hydropower plants.

Subor GRP Sewer Pipes offer a durable and long-lasting solution for highly acidic sewer lines where conventional pipe materials like concrete, steel or iron cannot be long lived and serviceable.

In order to resist against severe corrosive and aggressive effects and also high water jet cleaning pressure, Subor Sewer Pipes are manufactured with special inner layer. Subor products preserve their initial performance criteria even after 50 year service life.

Subor Sewer Pipes ensure the transportation of waste water without polluting the environment, and also provide reuse of the storm water through its safe transportation and storage and contribute to sustainability of water.
In today's world, where the supply and sustainability of clean, potable water is becoming more and more important, Subor takes pride in delivering water in a healthy and safe way to the world and contributing its conveyance to the future generations.

The superior properties of Subor GRP Pipes in terms of their excellent hydraulic characteristics resulting in higher energy productivity and less pumping energy together with its long life cycle enable Subor to offer better sustainability to the future and utmost quality for potable water lines.

Subor GRP Pipes are approved by the prior international and local standards for potable water.

Pressure pipes
Water transmission

Subor GRP Pipes for
Agricultural Irrigation

The most important factor for a sustainable future in agricultural irrigation, the biggest shareholder of water consumption in the world, is undoubtedly the lossless and efficient conveyance and distribution of water. In this respect, Subor offers long-lasting and high-quality solutions for agricultural irrigation projects that will ensure the efficient and lossless transfer of water.

The light-weight, easy operation and installation of Subor Pressure Pipes is also an important reason for preference of the investors.

On average, the installation of 300 meters of pipes with a diameter of DN1200 mm in one day provides great convenience in irrigation projects spread over large lands. The fact that 300 meters of Subor GRP Pipes of DN1200 mm can be installed in an average of one day, provides great convenience in irrigation projects covering large application areas.

  • Pressure pipes
  • Water transmission