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GRP Nano Pipes


With the rapidly increasing technology applications and the use of technological raw materials and additives worldwide, innovative companies that use these materials in their products become leaders in the market.
Subor offers a new product to meet the needs of the market with Nano Pipe, which is suitable for use in different processes thanks to its high abrasion resistance and high strength.
Subor Nano Pipes have the lower inner surface energy with increasing contact angle similar to the performance of Hydrophobic (HPo) surface.
The contact angle of the bare polyester resin increased with the addition of the nano powders. The contact angle increased respectively from 70.6° to 104.1° in the nano particles composite and reached its highest value. The surface of the material has switched from hydrophilic (CA 90°) structure, eventually. With the addition of nano particles, the friction coefficient decreased up to 20%.
Thanks to the nano-technological particles used in our new product, the accumulation of static electricity encountered in pipe systems has been reduced / eliminated.
We don't cover the surface, we add it in!
The nano-tech material is included into the resin, which makes the lifetime of the nano-tech material equivalent to the lifetime of the pipe.
As a result of these innovations in the product, Nano Pipe can be applied in different industries.

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Fields of Use

The application areas of Subor Nano Pipes are:

  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Cooling water lines
  • Water transmission lines
  • Industrial applications
  • Tanks and silos

Production Range

  • Diameter range (DN): 100 – 4.000 mm
  • Pressure (PN): Up to 40 bar
  • Standard lengths: 6 & 12 meters
  • Stiffness (SN): 2500 - 5000 - 10000 N/m²

Custom lengths, diameters, pressure and stiffness classes are available upon request.

Detailed Properties