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GRP Joints

Subor GRP Pipes are assembled using the GRP coupling connection system which offers perfect leak tightness.

The GRP REKA couplings manufactured with the same technique as the GRP pipes and they are subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test following preparation in the cutting and grooving machine. Tightness of the coupling connections is provided by the gaskets made of elastomeric material. The flexibility of the gaskets allows a certain angular deviation of the couplings, thus preventing direct load on the pipe, which could result from ground subsidence and soil activity such as earthquakes.

Compared to its alternatives, Subor GRP Couplings offer fast, easy and safe installation in any ground and weather conditions.

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Angular Deflection for standart Subor pressure coupling is given with below table:

Nom. Pipe Diameter (mm) Nom. Pressure Class (bar)
Up to 16 20 25 32
Max. Angle of Deflection (deg)
DN ≤ 500 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5
500 < DN ≤ 900 2.0 1.5 1.3 1.0
900 < DN ≤ 1800 1.0 0.8 0.5 0.5
1800 < DN 0.5 0.4 0.3 NA
Common applications include irrigation, water supply, pressure sewer and HPP penstocks systems.
DN200 – DN4000 mm diameter range, up to PN40 bar pressure range
Common applications include sewers and storm water systems.
DN200 – DN4000 mm diameter range, PN1 bar pressure
Cost effective coupling solution for increased angular deflections up to 3 degrees.
DN300 – DN4000 mm diameter range, up to PN16 bar pressure
Common applications include industrial cooling and desalination systems.
DN200 – DN2000 mm diameter range, PN6-16 bar pressure range

Sleeve Couplings

In jacking applications, the sleeve couplings should have an outside diameter equal to the jacking pipe external diameter.

Couplings are available in different types and pressure classes depending on the project conditions.

EPDM gaskets are used in sleeve couplings in order to provide sealing at the joints.

Types of Sleeve Couplings:

  • GRP Non-Pressure Sleeve Coupling
  • GRP Pressure Sleeve Coupling
  • Steel Non-Pressure Sleeve Coupling
  • Steel Pressure Sleeve Coupling

Subor Blue Tape

To have an easier and faster installation, Just remove the “blue”!

In order to prevent EPDM Gaskets from direct UV effect of the sunlight, it is recommended to supply them separately and store in a proper place.

Subor’s new innovative product “BLUE TAPE” offers a perfect solution for the installers and avoids the need for storage place together with long-lasting protection against both UV and environmental effects like dust and dirt.

Wall Coupling

Wall couplings are used when the GRP pipeline penetrates to masonry structures. Couplings can be covered with sand or gravel in order to increase adhesion between GRP and concrete materials.

Depending on the project needs, the wall couplings can be supplied up to 3 m length.