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GRP Non Circular Pipes


Subor Non-Circular GRP pipes are primarily designed and developed for use in buried installatişons and commonly to reconstruction of reline existing old city pipelines.

Existing non-circular pipelines.

Subor carries out the design and manufacturing processes of non-circular pipes with its own R&D and technology.

The Subor NC Pipes offer the following advantages to the end-users:

  • Custom pipe lengths and profiles
  • Long and effective service life
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Increased chemical and abrasion resistance
  • No need for additional lining or corrosion protection
  • Superior hydraulic characteristics
  • Lisghtweight, easy joining and fast installation
  • No need for traffic interruption
  • Environmental friendly

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Fields of Use

The application areas of Subor NC Pipes are:

  • Sanitary sewer and old city sewer relining
  • Storm water conveyance
  • Chemical lines

Production Range

  • Diameter range (DN): Customized shapes
  • Pressure (PN): 1 bar
  • Standard lengths: 2,3 meters