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GRP High Abrasion Resistance(HAR) Pipes


Subor has designed its new product HAR Pipe, for the tough conditions where higher wear resistance is required.
With our new innovative product HAR Pipe, the resistance of GRP pipes against corrosive chemicals is increased up to 2 times depending on the chemical type.
Thanks to the special elastic liner design of the HAR pipe, the wear resistance of the inner liner of GRP pipes is increased 10 times compared to the standard GRP Pipe.
Subor High Abrasion Resistance (HAR) Pipe is produced with 2 different technologies in order to meet the needs of the different projects:
• PU liner
• ARS liner
ARS Liner Pipe provides better abrasion resistance than Gri Pipe, while it is a less costly option than Polyurea Liner Lipe.

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Fields of Use

The application areas of Subor HAR Pipes are:

  • Mining industry
  • Lines conveying highly abrasive particulate liquids
  • Chemical lines
  • Industrial applications
  • Rainwater & stormwater lines

Production Range

  • Diameter range (DN): 100 – 4.000 mm
  • Pressure (PN): Up to 40 bar
  • Standard lengths: 6 & 12 meters
  • Stiffness (SN): Up to 10.000 N/m²

Custom lengths, diameters, pressure and stiffness classes are available upon request.

Detailed Properties